Providing fractional leadership services for startups

Our goal is to save you from a product or technology tragedy.


Fractional Cofounder

In need of technology leadership? With a combined 40 years experience building products, we can be the dynamic cofounder you are looking for.

Fractional CTO / CEO / CPO

We work closely with founders and growing businesses to help lead their most audacious technology initiatives. We can be hands-on, work with internal teams, or can build and lead your team.

Technology Strategy

Research, roadmapping, and management of execution are the cornerstones of our process when developing a business' technology strategy.

Product Development

From UX / UI to software development to customer research and refinement of product-market fit. We help augment and lead the ares of your product development that need it most.

Cloud Ops

Building a solid cloud infrastructure requires a careful balance of cost, scale, and security. Whether you are a new founder or a scaling organization, we can help you build or maintain solid cloud architecture.

Business Development

We support founders with business development strategies including customer research, product-market alignment, and network growth.


Rudzinski & Budzinski: Brothers From Another Mother

Seriously, not a typo. Rich and Todd first worked together early in their careers at Digitaria, a mid-sized creative agency based in San Diego. Later, they reunited when Todd started contracting for Tragic Media in 2012.

After 11 years working collaboratively to build and scale products for startups, mid-market, and enterprise businesses, Rich and Todd are ready to partner with you to help your business avoid a technology tragedy.

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Rich Rudzinski

CEO | CPO | CTO LinkedIn icon


  • Business development
  • Product strategy
  • UI engineering
  • Technology strategy
  • Company leadership
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Todd Budzinski

CTO | VP ENG LinkedIn icon


  • Engineering leadership
  • Technology strategy
  • System audits
  • Cloud ops
  • Backend development

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